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Sammy & DDD Adelaide

It'll be her first time going to Adelaide ✈️ Sammy's talk has been voted in and accepted at DDD Adelaide 🎉 What's it about?

Attract, retain and grow technical women

Women get asked all the time, how do I get more women into my team and company - well I’m here to answer that! There are a lot of factors that play into it from pipeline to company perception. And once women are onboard, there’s work to be done in retention and most importantly GROWTH.

I’ve worked with companies all over Australia on how to be more inclusive for women. I’m also run free coding and workshop events for women, non-binary and trans folk as an organiser of Muses Code JS women. I’ve seen a lot of stuff go down. But I’ve also seen a lot of incredible wins.

There is gap in how we support our technical women. And I’m keen to share how we as a community can progress and empower technical women.

Get your tickets now:

🗓 When: 18 November 2023

📍 Where: University of Adelaide

💲 Cost: $55

The amazing team at DDD Adelaide put together this 'Meet the Speakers' video, check it out:





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