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Bill Chesnut,

Cloud Platform & API Evangelist

Bill Chesnut is a well-regarded Principal Consultant specialising in Integration with over 40 years of experience across multiple industries. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer primarily in the Integration area (BizTalk Server and Azure) and has been involved with Microsoft Azure since its release, concentrating on the Enterprise integration technologies in Azure (API Management, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Azure Functions, Event Grid and Azure DevOps). In addition, Bill has a wealth of experience helping clients either create new Azure environments or move on-premises environments to Azure. He has been involved in all aspects of BizTalk from Architecture, Solution Design, Implementation, Solution development and Environment Support. Bill has been an Azure (previously BizTalk) Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2004.

Course Outline

Intro to Azure Integration Services

  • App Configuration

  • Key Vault

  • API Management

  • Azure Functions

  • Logic Apps

  • Storage

  • Service Bus

  • Event Grid

Azure Functions

  • What are Azure Functions?

  • Hosting, Languages, Execution Mode, and Networking

  • Usage Patterns 

  • Security

  • Durable Functions

  • Bicep Templates


Hands-on Lab 

  • Create a Timer Function App

  • Create an API Function App

  • Local Dev & Test

Logic App Advanced Features (Optional ½ day)

  • AS2, EDIFACT and X12

  • Mapping (XSLT & Liquid)

  • Concurrency and Looping

  • Advanced Scopes & Error Handling

  • Advanced Monitoring

  • Bicep Templates

App Configuration and Key Vault

  • Shared App Configuration 

  • Environment Key Vault

  • Bicep Templates

Logic Apps

  • What is Logic App?

  • Logic Apps Consumption

  • Logic Apps Standard

  • Connectors (Managed/ Built-in/ Enterprise)

  • Exposing in API Management

  • Security

  • Monitoring & Debugging

  • Bicep Templates

Hands-on Lab 

  • Create Logic App

  • Use Managed Connector

  • Testing and Debugging

API Management

  • What is API Management?

  • Components of APIM

  • Security

  • APIM Workspaces 

  • Monitoring & Debugging

  • Bicep Templates


Hands-on Lab 

  • Create API Management Instance

  • Publish API

  • Create Policies

DevOps for Azure Integration Services 

  • ARM Templates

  • Bicep Templates

  • YAML

  • Azure DevOps Build Pipelines

  • Azure DevOps Release Pipelines

  • GitHub Actions

Course Dates: 20 - 23 February 2024

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Course Details

The course is conducted online via Microsoft Teams.  
Each half day runs from 1pm - 5pm AEST.

Basic Course

20 - 22 February

3 half days, 1pm - 5pm AEST

$1200 per person ex GST

Advanced Course

including Logic App Advanced Features

20 - 23 February

4 half days, 1pm - 5pm AEST

$1500 per person ex GST

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Terms and Conditions
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  • You accept that upon receipt of this form you will be charged the fees specified and will be required to provide full payment prior to the commencement of the training. If payment has not been received prior to the course commencement you may forfeit your position on the course.

  • Upon submission of this form, SixPivot will send you an invoice for payment which can be paid via EFT (preferred) or credit card to which we will provide you with a secure link to process your payment.

  • Substitutions may be made up to the Friday prior to the commencement of the course. Substitutions cannot be made once the training has commenced. 

  • Cancellations- you can cancel up to 30 days prior to the commencement of the course with no penalty and will receive a full refund. If cancelling within 30 days from the commencement of the course you will forfeit the entire course cost. You may substitute without penalty as per the substitution above.

  • All pricing is in AUD and is exclusive of GST, GST will be applied to your invoice.

  • All courses will run in the AEST time zone.

  • As this course is being conducted online, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have an appropriate internet connection and workspace conducive to learning for the duration of the course. You will also require the ability to use Microsoft Teams and have VS pre-loaded.

  • Please note places are limited to a maximum of 10 participants and seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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