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AFR Winner: 8th Most Innovative Technology Company

With motorcycle sales growing across the world by 20 percent last year despite the pandemic, this innovation is designed to reduce the 285,000 motorcycle fatalities worldwide (23 percent of all road fatalities) plus the many more riders seriously injured each year in accidents. Using a GoPro on a rider’s bike, motoDNA is a data-driven, digital motorcycle academy that enables riders to improve skills with their own online coach. Developed with motoDNA sister company, Riders Academy at Sydney Motorsport Park’s innovation precinct, in partnership with Yamaha Motor Co and SixPivot, the technology uses action camera sensors to measure riders’ behaviour. motoDNA algorithms grade the riders’ skill level compared to thousands of other riders then advise the rider how to improve their riding and level up their skills to stay safe.

I’m so proud of our SixPivot team through our work with the awesome motoDNA team together we have placed #8 on this years AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list 2021

motoDNA is now seeking funding to expand their team and prepare for its global launch, this is an amazing time to get involved with a true game-changer. #technology#innovation




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