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Chris & DDD Adelaide

A rare Chris appears! And at that wearing a cowboy hat. Chris's talk has been voted in and accepted at DDD Adelaide 🎉 What's it about?

What the failed Burke & Wills expedition can teach us about software projects

The year is 1860. 19 men set out to find a way across Australia from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria. 7 men died. 1 made the whole journey.

Although 160 years in the past, the key points of this failed expedition are directly relatable to software projects. Let’s dive into some history and learn from it. I promise to wear a cowboy hat. Get your tickets now: 🗓 When: 18 November 2023

📍 Where: University of Adelaide

💲 Cost: $55

The amazing team at DDD Adelaide put together this 'Meet the Speakers' video, check it out:





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