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Frederique + Jayne & Bravehearts Charity

Bravehearts is Australia’s leading child protection charity dedicated to the holistic prevention of child sexual assault and exploitation. Frederique and Jayne Upton ran 7 km every day, for 7 days, in 7 different suburbs to raise money for and awareness and the prevention of child sexual assault and exploitation.

The event, called 777 Marathon held nationally each year, turned virtual for 2020 after the traditional format was cancelled due to the COVID19 pandemic. Our local group raised more than $2,500.

The event was a huge success, with about 40 people turning up to support the group during the final day on Sunday as the final 7km took place under relaxed coronavirus restrictions.

Thank you Frederique and Jayne for all you have done and continue to do with Bravehearts 🙏




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