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Free Sessions on Serverless and API Management

Bill Chesnut is a busy bee, he’s known for his contribution to the tech community and is respected as a long-standing Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP). He’s the foremost expert on all things integration from architecture, solution design, implementation, solution development and environment support using both BizTalk and Azure.

But what keeps Bill the busiest is his community work. In collaboration with Microsoft, he just gave an Azure DIY session on Serverless, integrate or build new features in minutes. There were over 100 registrations (don’t worry if you missed out) there’s another session tomorrow (14 May) on: API Management – API architectures to accelerate growth. You’ll find all the info to sign up here: – the neat thing is, it’s absolutely free.

Bill has more talks coming up with Microsoft in June, stay tuned and follow him on Twitter to stay updated. To catch up on his last talk on Serverless you can find the recorded version below.

About us: We love building software and what we want is to make things easier for everyone. We’ll guide and mentor your team on best practices on building software. We’ll put your future roadmaps within reach, we’ll enable you to build innovative products and we’ll provide channels for you to go to market. We are SixPivot and we are your software innovation partner.





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