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Shaw & DDD Adelaide

When he's not indoor skydiving he's speaking at events 🙌 Shaw's talk has been voted in and accepted at DDD Adelaide 🎉What's it about?

Documentation for Developers

It's well known that as developers we all cringe at the thought of documentation and often the biggest barrier to adding some documentation is the friction of getting started. In my work as an engineering manager and consultant I've collated a number of code-first approaches to documentation that are light-weight, and easy to maintain.

In this talk I will cover topics including: tooling for creating documentation-as-code, Architecture Decision Records (ADRs), the C4 Model, Plant UML, Markdown and how all of this can be used together to minimise the onboarding time for new developers to your projects.

I've presented a version of this talk at DDD Brisbane and to several client teams and it has often resulted in developers and teams adopting new practices and becoming advocates of this approach to documentation and information sharing.

Get your tickets now:

🗓 When: 18 November 2023

📍 Where: University of Adelaide

💲 Cost: $55

The amazing team at DDD Adelaide put together this 'Meet the Speakers' video, check it out:





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