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Shaw & Newt speaking at Brisbane .NET User Group Meetup

While Sammy panicked if we had ordered enough food, Shaw and Newt calmly prepared their laptops and talks. Connections, check. Slide deck, check. Everything was in order for a smooth running.

Shaw's topic: Documentation for Developers (and friends)

It's well known that as developers we all cringe at the thought of documentation and often the biggest barrier to adding some documentation is the friction of getting started. In my work as an engineering manager and consultant I've collated a number of code-first approaches to documentation that are light-weight, and easy to maintain.

In this talk I will cover topics including: tooling for creating documentation-as-code, Architecture Decision Records (ADRs), the C4 Model, Plant UML, Markdown and how all of this can be used together to minimise the onboarding time for new developers to your projects.

Newt's topic: Blazor: What, Why, Where, When

This session is suitable for both management and technical teams alike who have minimal or no knowledge of what Blazor is and want to learn more about how it fits into the User Interface (UI) technology landscape. If you are already experienced with Blazor, you may still learn something new and be able to better explain aspects of Blazor to others.

Like all innovative technologies, people will try and sell them to you. This talk is not trying to sell Blazor. Instead, this talk will give you a kickstart to determine whether you should invest any time in it by giving you the foundational knowledge around why it exists and where it is going, as well as comparing it to competing technologies.

The night was amazing. Catching up with old friends sharing knowledge. Eating great food. Slido was used. The internet failed. And prizes for great questions given out.

Here's some pics of the meetup 😄 We're proud to sponsor community tech events.





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