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SixPivot #1 Diversity & Inclusion in AFR Best Places to Work 2021

We were ranked #2 in the The Australian Financial Review’s Best Places to work in the Tech industry and won the Most Outstanding Practice in Diversity & Inclusion. We're so proud 🥺

SixPivot’s flexible working policy includes the use of multiple tools to ensure that diversity and inclusion go beyond pretty much any company in the nation. SixPivot has gone further than the right to request flexible working arrangements, which is advocated in the Australian Fair Work Best Practice Guide – Work & Family, and adopted Finland’s Working Hours Act, giving employees complete freedom over their working days and week.
Company founder and CEO Faith Rees says the idea came from SixPivot’s people and community manager, Sammy Herbert, who has a strong background in inclusion and diversity.
“We have a puzzle, a code test that people need to sit as one of the first steps in our recruitment process. It’s a blinded puzzle and our team can evaluate the individual but it’s done on the basis that no one knows the gender or anything about the person applying,” Rees says.
“We’ve been very strong around trying to do that because there is such low representation of women in particular, as programmers or developers. We also only employ the top 2 per cent of programming talent in this country and we have quite a stringent process that people have to go through.”
Rees says most people fail the test so we wanted to make sure that it was as non-biased as possible.
Beyond the gender-neutral testing, SixPivot also does a lot of community work with female developers and the LGBTIQ+ community.
“We want to encourage more women to improve their skills and get to the level that we need so we started a mentoring program last year and we ensure 50 per cent of participants are women,” Rees says.

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