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SixPivot & Remote Work

In a free event, we share our insights about flexible work from home and how companies can adopt this within their workplace.

Panellists included:

Faith Rees (CEO & Founder of SixPivot and Cloud Ctrl) – conference speaker, Executive and Board member, Faith is an innovative leader in technology. Having founded SixPivot on the values of people first in remote working, Faith has innovated in consultancy and redefined how we approach people, productivity and success. 

Dr Tracy Stanley, (Organisational Consultant) – social scientist and author. Tracy has worked effectively with key stakeholders to deliver organisational change initiatives within different cultural contexts and specialises in Human Resource Management, Organisational Change, Employee Engagement, Encouraging Creative Behaviours, Innovation, Intrapreneurship, Knowledge Development and Transfer.

Chris Gilbert, (Principal Consultant at SixPivot)- conference speaker and organiser on technical and agile development topics. Chris has been working remote for the past three years and is passionate about the business processes that surround software development.

Sammy Herbert, (People & Community at SixPivot) – conference speaker on inclusion, culture and leadership. Sammy has been working remote for over a year and has a focus on the software developer experience and success.

Steve Townsend, (Principal Consultant at SixPivot) – team leader with a specific focus on delivering the best solution for clients using his technical leadership to align with business goals. Steve has been working remote for over three years and is experienced with leading clients and team remotely.





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