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Andrew Newton

Andrew Newton

Principal Consultant

Andrew is a senior software engineer with experience over 20 years of experience across a diverse range of programming languages and platforms. His expertise in solution architecture and comprehensive system development approach encompasses everything from initial problem identification to deployment and ongoing support.

With a proven leadership track record, Andrew has adeptly managed multiple technical teams and held executive positions such as Director and CTO. His expansive knowledge of agile methodologies and product management underscores his adaptable and forward-thinking management style.


Blazor Introduction: What, why, where, when (45 mins)

This session is suitable for management and technical teams alike who have minimal or no knowledge of what Blazor is and want to learn more about how it fits into the User Interface (UI) technology landscape.

Like all innovative technologies, people will try and sell them to you. This talk is not trying to sell Blazor. Instead, this talk will give you a kickstart to determine whether you should invest any time in it by giving you the foundational knowledge around why it exists and where it is going, as well as comparing it to competing technologies.

Some questions addressed in this session are:

• What are current UI trends in web, mobile, desktop and IOT technologies and how do those affect architectural and hiring decisions?

• Why might you want to (or not want to) invest in skilling up your team in Blazor?

Blazor Deep Dive – State, Rendering, Testing and more (55 mins)

This session is suitable for technical teams that have a foundational knowledge of Blazor and are considering using it or are already using it.

Like most development frameworks, Blazor has multiple ways to architect your solution to achieve your desired outcomes. Being a relatively new framework there is not a lot of detailed guidance in the community.

This session goes through some of the common decision points you may come across while building your application and how you might go about choosing the best path to take based on your requirements.

Some questions addressed in this session are:

• How does Blazor perform from a performance and SEO point of view with different ways I can choose to render?

• Does it require frequent data updates that affect multiple areas in the app?

• How can you make a maintainable, well tested app for complex domains?

AI Galore! But What Is It Good For, in 2024? (45 mins)

This interactive workshop is designed for knowledge workers across all disciplines, requiring no previous familiarity with artificial intelligence (AI). Our goal is to demystify AI, moving beyond the sensationalism to establish a clear, shared comprehension of what AI truly encompasses—and equally important, what it does not.

We will employ straightforward explanations and participate in hands-on demonstrations of AI applications, providing practical insights into their capabilities. However, we will not shy away from discussing the limitations and potential pitfalls associated with these technologies. This ensures a well-rounded perspective, preparing you to critically assess AI's applicability to your specific field and daily life.

Tailored to meet the unique needs of your industry and team, this session aims to spark innovative thoughts on integrating AI to enhance your professional practices and personal efficiency. By the conclusion, you'll be equipped with the foundational knowledge to explore how AI can offer tangible benefits in your context.

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