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Bill Chesnut

Bill Chesnut

Cloud Platform & API Evangelist

Bill Chesnut, is a Cloud Platform & API Evangelist and Microsoft MVP at SixPivot, located in Melbourne Australia. His work has expanded from traditional background of on-premises integration and development into some of the latest technologies in Microsoft Azure, including Azure DevOps and the Azure Integration technologies (Azure API Management, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid, Azure Service Bus), along with Azure Front Door. As a Mentor, Architect, Designer, or Developer, Bill supports or leads application integration projects to connect a variety of Microsoft Business Solutions applications with both on-premises and other SaaS providers.


Using Azure App Configuration with Azure Integration Services (45 mins)

Not many people are aware of Azure App Configuration. Bill will give us an overview of Azure App Configuration and examples of using it with Azure Integration Services. Bill will cover how to set up Azure App Configuration, how to use Azure Key Vault with Azure App Configuration and Demos on using Azure App Configuration with Azure DevOps, Azure Logic App Consumption, Azure Logic Apps Standard and Azure Functions

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