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Shaw Innes

Shaw Innes

Practice Director

Shaw is Practice Director and a Principal Consultant, specialising in software development, architecture, IoT, and DevOps. He has experience gained across a range of organisations from small start-ups to large enterprise and government. He takes an integrated approach to architecture, design, and implementation of solutions, ensuring that outcomes are aligned with business goals, all whilst fostering a great developer experience. Shaw has presented at conferences across the country on software engineering practices, DevOps, and platform engineering.


Documentation for Developers and Friends (45 mins)

This talk has been given at DDD Conference, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.

It's well known that developers cringe at the thought of creating documentation. Often the biggest barrier to producing documentation is the friction of getting started. In my career as an engineering manager and consultant I've identified and implemented what works best for adopting a code-first approach to documentation.

Shaw will share an approach for adopting “documentation as code” for capturing software architecture, principles, decisions, and technical documentation. The presentation will cover topics including Architecture Decision Records (ADRs), Markdown, Diagramming, and how all of this can be combined to improve the onboarding experience for new developers to your projects.

Join Shaw for this informative and practical session on how your team can adopt lightweight documentation practices that will scale as your organisation does.

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