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Fred wins ARN Women in ICT Innovation Award 2020

Congratulations to our awesome GM, Frederique Dennison for winning the Innovation Award. This award recognises the candidate who is a stand-out in delivering “big picture’ ideas and vision in the ICT industry, thereby responding to change and discovering unique and challenging business opportunities. The candidate will show a proven track record of finding new and better ways of doing business, continually pushing the envelope in the ICT industry.

Frederique won this award for spearheading SixPivot’s rapid development of a solution designed to help Aged Care facilities simplify the process of connecting families over voice and video. The ConnectedFamilies solution, an automated self-service booking system, reduces the manual tasks faced by aged care workers when pairing residents with their families.

Congratulations to all the other winners of the ARN Women in ICT Awards 2020…. full article





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