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How do we protect people on social media?

Madeleine West at 18 years old was stalked by a Neighbours fan. It took her stalker a year to infiltrate her life, enter her home and directly threaten her.

In today’s social media era, it takes 60 seconds to access someone and make a threat. Madeleine shares her story in Amazon Web Services (AWS) conversations with startups on why she is an Ambassador of SocialProtect. 

We’re proud to be in partnership with SocialProtect. Building technology that supports not only celebrities like Madeleine, but our youth and broader community.

SocialProtect removes comments on social media that have bullying, hate speech, racial slurs, porn and scams.

Join the conversation with our Founder Faith Rees with Will Padman (AWS), Madeleine West (Ambassador for SocialProtect, actor, activist), and Shane Britten (Founder of SocialProtect, CEO of Crime Stoppers, CEO AlphaSix Consulting).  Learn more about SocialProtect:





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