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SixPivot wins Women in Technology Employer of Choice Award 2020

We’re honoured to share we won the Women in Technology Employer of Choice award 🏅🎉 We’re thrilled to be recognised and proud to mark the achievement in such a challenging year for business and our communities. We’re even prouder that Sammy Herbert our awesome People & Community manager won the Community Award for everything she does. What an amazing night, congratulations to all the winners, finalists, and nominees. Thank you WiT and sponsors Mater Research and RSL Queensland

The prestigious WiT Awards recognise outstanding talent and achievement, building support for women working in science and technology, and inspiring the next generation of leaders by showing what is possible. For the first time, the WiT Awards has three new categories with one specifically focused on celebrating women who are working in Queensland’s regional, rural, and remote locations.

Employer of Choice Award

SixPivot is one of the most innovative scale ups in the country, they are purposefully different in the way they do business. They have built a company of exceptionally talented software developers ranking among the best in the world. They are true to their craft, believing anything is possible and care deeply not only about technology they build, but equally about the people they build it with and for. Their CEO & Founder puts people at the centre of everything she does and those values permeate throughout the company in everything they do. They have employee profit-sharing because they all celebrate the wins, their vision is for the company to be owned by its people. SixPivot was founded five years ago with remote working from home, before it was popularised by the COVID pandemic. SixPivot has always been ahead of the curve in innovation. And what makes it so forward thinking and progressive, is that it’s entirely lead, managed and owned by women. There aren’t many technology companies who can say that.

Community Award

Sammy Herbert From being interviewed by Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas about being a women of colour to running Australia’s largest free coding workshops for women, non-binary and trans folk in Australia to building a tech community for one of the most innovative scale ups in the country, Sammy is truly a courageous and kind leader. At SixPivot, Sammy has built a free community mentoring program for deep and impactful growth in the tech community. This program has never been done before and has caught the interest of Microsoft and Amazon, it provides a platform for thought leaders to share their experience and provide a support network to grow local tech leaders.





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