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Sammy & People Leaders

In a roundtable discussion, people leaders share learns and get advice from organisational consultant, Mark Bramwell on how to support your team through a pandemic.

Some topics for discussion were:

  1. Team stress and anxiety

  2. Supporting team impacted by COVID-19

  3. Strategies being rolled out in companies

  4. Where your support should go

Sammy Herbert facilitated the discussion and some high-level take aways were:

  1. From small to large companies there was a general increase in team stress and anxiety

  2. A common high-level strategy to lessen stress was leadership communicating often and transparently about where the business stood

  3. Common connectivity strategies were team social activities over video and innovative slack channels

  4. It’s important to recognise when team need support and to encourage assistance through an EAP or GP, we are not psychologists.

It was great seeing organisations come together who had their teams wellbeing front of mind. Connecting to your market more often and sharing learns is time worthwhile.





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